The Extra Mile offers resources and activities that ensure growth for everyone

One of the differentiators of The Extra Mile is the support the organization provides in terms of trainings, counselling and social gatherings. This support ensures volunteers develop and polish necessary skills and helps for self-regulation in the sometimes challenging mentoring world.  Moreover, it is a great way of meeting likeminded people in Copenhagen.

The first step when joining the program is normally a training on mentoring skills. All of us have relevant skills but it is always good to refresh on active listening, managing the process, asking questions, measuring progress… And this is advantageous for the mentee, your own career and your personal development.

Additionally the mentoring journey is accompanied by supervision sessions led by a psychologist. Volunteers share challenges and feelings that emerge along the process. This exchange helps to bring new eyes on your situation and get inspiration from others on how to tackle certain issues. Moreover, the psychologist brings in the professional perspective, leading the conversation and drawing relevant conclusions.

Last but not the least, we also celebrate social gatherings. For instance, we shared a tasty Julefrokost – a typical Danish Christmas meal, this time mixed with some influence of the volunteers’ countries. In this gathering, we got together with mentees in a more relaxed atmosphere, shared food and played games.

The Extra Mile gives volunteers the resources to make the most of their experiences. It is not only about giving. It is about building something bigger in which all participants grow to achieve a higher purpose of integrating migrants in the Danish society.

Written by Isabel García Taberné, volunteer mentor


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